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Wrinkle Erasing Duo

Wrinkle Erasing Duo

$ 79.98

Wrinkle Erasing Duo 

Phyto-Tox Serum & Collagen C Complex make a dynamic wrinkle erasing duo.  Use Phyto-Tox Serum in all the obvious areas on your face like your forehead, frown lines between your eyes, crows feet, lines around the mouth, etc. during the day to soften and control those areas.  Then use Collagen C Complex under your night cream for new stem cell promotion and collagen synthesis.

Along with our famous 200% Aloe Vera base which is choked full of over 200 vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and enzymes this anti-aging duo will keep your skin younger longer.  Check each product individually for more information.

Wrinkle Erasing Duo from Hello Gorgeous uses plant actives and peptides to smoothe wrinkles during the day and stimulate stem cells and collagen at night!   

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