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Jean Kit

Jean Kit

$ 19.99

The peerless product developers at Hollywood Fashion Secrets have created a fabulous trio of products to make up their Jean Kit to address every fashion issue known to denim. 1) Jeans great with heels but too long to wear with those flats? Hollywood Temporary Hem Tape lets you change the length of your jeans, or any other pants, skirts, jackets and more, in a flash. Add spontaneous versatility to your wardrobe with instant tailoring on the go. 2) Jeans won’t stay properly tucked in those boots? The Jeans Kit also contains Hollywood Boot Straps to wrap snugly around your jeans at your ankle, keeping your pants in place as you now effortlessly pull on your fashionable fall footwear. They prevent uncomfortable bunch-ups inside your boot as well as unsightly puckering at the knee. 3) Big-belt-buckle bulge, “peek-a-booty,” and T-bar sightings are things of the past with Hollywood Hip Hugger —it’s the no-buckle, no-bulk, no-front belt! Just attach it to each side of your belt loops to create a slim, body-hugging fit. Includes FREE Accessory Dots!

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