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Water-based Verses Aloe-Based

Aloe Vera is the base foundation for our products, not water! Did you know that 88% to 90% of most skin care products is water?

That’s right, then they throw 2% of this and .01% of that in, and to top it off they have the audacity to fill it the rest of the way with synthetic chemicals to bind it, color it, and preserve it. Would you eat a beautiful-looking, crimson red wax apple? Of course you wouldn’t, then why are you rubbing water with a bunch of chemicals into your skin?

HGC uses the pure inner gel of the Aloe leaf and combines this with organic Aloe Vera freeze-dried powder concentrate to form a 200% Aloe Vera base for our ULTRA ALOE CARE skin care products. That’s why we named it “ULTRA.” Aloe Vera is a powerful nutrient, a complex combination of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and moisturizing polysaccharides. Scientists are still trying to discover how this combination of phyto-chemicals are capable of trans-epidermal penetration and transportation. Our chemists are not sure how it works either, but we do know that the Aloe Vera Delivery System we’ve created drenches your hungry dermis with 200% Aloe Vera and additional key nutrients.

Dr. Ivan Danhof, called the “father of aloe,” discovered that Aloe Vera alone stimulates human fibroblast cellular formation 6 to 8 times faster that normal cellular production. Not only does it penetrate and perform but it transports other nutrients with it for synergistic enhancement. HGC includes in our formulas all natural botanicals, herbs, peptides, plant collagen, proteins, vitamins, essential fatty acids, vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, enzymes, marine botanicals, essential oils, and fruit extracts. Ultra Aloe Care is paraben-free and does not contain artificial dyes, fragrances, alcohol, and other preservations like BHT, urea, and disodium EDTA. No synthetic apples here!

Aloe-based simply out performs water-based hands down. We take great care in manufacturing Ultra Aloe in our unique 200% Aloe Vera base. We know you will see and feel the difference.