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Oily/Problem Skin

OILY AND PROBLEM SKIN............. When supplied with the right nutrients and skin care regimen oily skin will have glorious results. Many of our customers have said, the never thought they could use "creams and things" to keep their skin young and healthy until they found HGC's Ultra Aloe Care! Taking our incredible Aloe Vera Base and blending in the benefits of Citrus Fruits rich in Vitamin C, Bioflavanoids, Inositol (Vitamin B family), and D-Limonene we have created a skin care line that creates healthy skin tissue with anti-bacterial, anti-wrinkle, and pore-tightening results. With our special Cleanser, Toner, Oil-Free Day Cream, Nightly Nutrient Gel, and an Oil-Absorbing Mask you have found THE SOLUTION for healthy, young-looking skin again!!!