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Normal/Combination Skin

NORMAL AND COMBINATION SKIN.................Normal skin needs to maintain its moisture balance to function properly and maintain its "Youthfull Glow." HCG combines its famous Aloe Vera "base" with Hops, Rosemary, and Coneflower with several varieties of Sea Algae that contain Amino Acids, Polysaccharides, Iodine, and Minerals to rebalance the most common skin type on earth. In many cases normal skin is simply neglected and damage sort of sneaks up on you. So don't be decieved, skin care maintenance with highly effective nutrients is the key to produce lasting results. Squalane and Glycosaminoglycans provide an ultra-light cream base that penetrates and hydrates. Powerful anti-oxidants from Goji Berry and ACAI extract suppress free radical damage while Peptides revive sluggish skin cells. You will love the gel cleanser and herbal toner as well as the day and night formulas. The Sea Algae mask vacuums pores while it lifts out wrinkles to deliver fabulous results. Yes, normal skin can maintain that "Youthful Glow" throughout the ages with Ultra Aloe Care.